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A toothbrush that really shows off.

You've worked hard to build your brand. Now you can send it home with your patients in the most personal way with MyBrand. A completely custom packaged toothbrush that has your name all over it.

MyBrand is the perfect hygiene giveway and marketing tool when you want to make an impact. Set yourself apart from the rest with a professional, practical, impressive - and super fun way to showcase your brand!


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Ready to see them for yourself? It's as easy as clicking a button. Fill out our sample request form and tell us a little bit about your practice. We'll design and send out a sample that's based on your branding. Look for the shiny purple envelope!

Don't just take our word for it!

The most PERSONAL toothbrush you will ever hand out.

Unique. Mentionable. Valuable. Fun!
Stand out from the crowd with an elevated twist on the standard toothbrush. Your current (and prospective) patients will love seeing your professional stamp of approval on the brush you send home.

After all, it's YOU they trust - not the brand they can pick up at the store.