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Pearl Patient Kits

Easily create the total package. Choose from Pearl’s 3, 4 or 5 piece kits and send your patients home with a collection of preventative goodies. Browse our visit-specific kits OR create your own- ala carte- with the Make-A-Kit creator!

*Add imprinting to toothbrushes for only 10¢ each!  Please call us to set this up.

Refresh Kit – 3 pcs.

Send your patients home with a complete package of goodies for the price of a single brush from the big brands! You can’t go wrong.

Great for: Hygiene appointments

Contains 144 kits that include:
• Classic cellophane toothbrush
• Floss picks
• Poly bag

77¢ per patient
62¢ for Pearl Regulars

Sparkle Kit – 4 pcs.

Our #1 selling kit! Contains all the necessities for your patient to keep up with their hygiene at home. An inexpensive yet impressive way to send off your patients.

Great for: Hygiene appointments

Contains 144 kits that include:
• Classic cello toothbrush
• Poly bag
• Floss picks
• Fresh toothpaste

82¢ for Pearl Regulars

The 411 Kit – 2 pcs.

One of the best ways to acquire new patients is to advertise Free Consultations for cosmetic procedures. Send potential patients on their way with a high-quality lip balm (with your logo on it) and colorful poly bag with room for paperwork.

Great for: Consultation appointments

Contains 144 kits that include:
• Personalized all-natural lip balm
• Poly bag
• Room for paperwork

93¢ for Pearl Regulars

Dazzle Kit – 4 pcs.

Our Sparkle kit with a few upgrades—deluxe-pack toothbrush, and name-brand Crest toothpaste. Your patients will happily accept their bag full of high-quality hygiene products to use at home.

Great for: Hygiene appointments

Contains 144 kits that include:
• Deluxe-pack Toothbrush
• Crest Toothpaste
• EasyClean Floss
• Poly bag

$1.33 per patient
$1.06 for Pearl Regulars

Kids Complete Kit – 6 pcs.

Create excitement for young patients by giving them a bag full of surprises! Not only will they receive all the necessary hygiene tools, but they’ll love the fun stickers and feel proud when they see their dental award with their own name!

Great for: Hygiene appointments, first visits

Contains 144 kits that include:
• Classic cellophane toothbrush
• Floss picks
• Bubblegum toothpaste
• 2 stickers
• Dental award
• Poly bag

$1.61 per patient
$1.29 for Pearl Regulars


Meet & Greet – 5 pcs.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure your new patients leave their introductory office visit with a feeling of excitement by handing them a bag filled with goodies—many of which have your name on them. You won’t soon be forgotten!

Great for: First time patients, hygiene appointments

Contains 144 kits that include:
• Zip&Go bag
• Personalized toothbrush
• All-natural lip balm
• Crest toothpaste
• Floss picks

$2.46 per patient
$1.97 for Pearl Regulars


Enhance Kit – 3 pcs.

Treat your patient’s cosmetic procedure like a day at the spa. After all, patients who are electing to spend their valuable time and money with you deserve something special. Send these important patients home with an impressive combination of EOS lotion and lip balm, complete with your office logo and packaged in an organza bag. Patients will recognize the high-end retail brand and know you went the extra mile for them.

Great for: Cosmetic procedures

Contains 72 kits that include:
• EOS lip balm
• EOS lotion
• Organza bag

$9.39 per patient
$7.51 for Pearl Regulars

Post-Care Patient Pack

Complete with a vial of Ibuprofen, SPF 15 UV Value Balm, 1 oz. Lotion, Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray, and a Tooth Gel Bead Hot and Cold Pack, this item provides all the amenities your patients will need. The zippered enclosure keeps everything packaged together, while the front pocket showcases your business card or a patient’s appointment reminder card. 100 pc. per order.

$7.66 ea
Only $6.14 for Pearl Regulars