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Hot & Cold Packs

Plush Hot and Cold Pack

A practical item to help easy body aches and pain, this round hot and cold pack features a side of plush material to provide comfort during use, along with an elastic strap for keeping it in place. It can be heated in the microwave or stored in the freezer, making it ideal for hot and cold therapy as needed. Having passed a toxicological risk assessment (TRA) for approval by the FDA, it offers an effective way to share your name. 250 pc per order.

$2.19 for 250 pc
$2.11 for 500 pc
$2.03 for 1000 pc

Tooth Gel Bead Hot and Cold Pack

Sure to be memorable thanks to its tooth shape, this clear hot and cold pack can be both heated in the microwave and cooled in the freezer. It features a great imprint area that will make any custom logo look professional, and it will foster repeated name exposure as an easily reusable item. It’s also non-toxic to keep recipients safe with every use. 250 pc. per order.

$1.67 ea for 250
$1.60 ea for 500
$1.55 ea for 1000

Post-Care Patient Pack

Complete with a vial of Ibuprofen, SPF 15 UV Value Balm, 1 oz. Lotion, Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray, and a Tooth Gel Bead Hot and Cold Pack, this item provides all the amenities your patients will need. The zippered enclosure keeps everything packaged together, while the front pocket showcases your business card or a patient’s appointment reminder card. 100 pc. per order.

$7.66 ea