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2-30 times per day?


Did you know that the average woman uses lip balm anywhere from 2-30 times a day?  That’s a lot of reaching for a product…a product that could have your name all over it.  Literally!  Pearl offers  all natural personalized lip balm for less than a dollar a tube.  It’s a practical patient giveaway that will be appreciated and remembered.  Pair your personalized lip balm with a personalized toothbrush to REALLY keep your name popping up throughout the day!

For the rest of the month of April, we are offering you 20% off lip balm with the promo code LIPBALM20.  To get this special offer EVERY time you order, sign up to be a Pearl Regular.  Free imprinting and a 20% discount on all products, all the time.  Can’t go wrong.